Ancillary   Rate Type

4G Travel WiFi

WiFi that goes where you go.
Upgrade your journey with the Hertz 4G Travel Wifi with maximum download speed of up to 150mbps shareable up to 5 devices.


Hertz NeverLost

Go Anywhere, See Everything
Whether it’s finding the best restaurants in a new city or just finding your way around, the NeverLost Navigator+ and Magellan GPS systems are all you need to make your travel experience easy and enjoyable.

Collision Damage Waiver waives part of the liability of the RENTER for damages in case of collision. The RENTER, however, will be liable for the full cost of damage if the car is driven in violation of the RENTAL AGREEMENT or for failure to submit a police report and a photocopy of the driver’s license and passport during the accident. With CDW, RENTER shall only be liable for the non-waivable excess equivalent to 1% of the vehicle insured value or whichever is applicable in a vehicular accident. The payment of CDW does not reduce the Renter’s own risk because of damage to the vehicle in the following instances:
• Intentional damage or damage resulting from major negligence by the driver.
• Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of intoxicants or is in other respects incapable of controlling the vehicle in a safe manner.
• Damage resulting from racing or test-driving.
• Damage resulting from warfare, revolution, riots and/or civil unrest.
• Damage caused by animals. Holes burned into the seats, carpet or mats.
• Damage affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, mirrors, windows, batteries, glass, radio equipment, as well as damage due to the theft of individual parts of the vehicle and damage derived thereof.
• Damage caused by driving on rough roads, for example, to the transmission, the drive shaft, other parts in or on the chassis of the vehicle, damage to the chassis of the vehicle caused by the vehicle bumping against uneven roads, for example, road shoulders caused by motor graders, rocks lodged in gravel roads or by the edges of roads. The same applies to damage resulting from loose rocks hitting the vehicle ore the bottom of the vehicle when being driven.
• Damage resulting from the vehicle being driven in areas where driving it is banned, for example, driving on paths, tracks, in unabridged rivers, streams or other watercourses, on beaches, places that are only accessible during low tide or other trackless areas.
• Damage to the vehicle caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice or other kinds of earth materials being blown against it.
• If the vehicle is shipped by sea, the payment of the own-risk fee does not apply to damage caused by seawater.
• Damage to Hertz because of the vehicle being stolen.
• Water damage to the vehicle.
SuperCover allows you to waive all excess for your rental so that you will have nothing to pay should anything happen to the vehicle. The only things SuperCover doesn’t cover are Hertz Wifi, Hertz NeverLost SatNav units, broken or lost keys, tire damage, contamination of fuel and other grossly negligent actions or breaches of your rental agreement such as the unlikely case that you cause any damage or loss by criminal activity. Daily

Child Seat

Safeguard your little loved ones.
Avoid airline baggage charges and have our seats waiting for you. Hertz can provide you with a convertible car seat to be used forward facing for children weighing 20-40 pounds or 8kgs-18 kgs and up to 40 inches/101 cms in height. Parents of children who have outgrown an infant car seat are encouraged to use these seats rear-facing until the child reaches the upper height and weight limits of the seat for rear-facing use.


Personal Accident Insurance

Hertz can provide an optional Personal Accident Insurance to the Renter for PHP250.00 (USD5.00) per day that provides coverage up to PHP100,000.00 (USD2,000.00) for every passenger up to a maximum of four (4) passengers.


Fuel Purchase

When it comes to Hertz rental car fuel options, we make it easy and leave the decision up to you. Our prices are competitive with local pump prices when you prepay, or, we can refuel for you. When you travel at the speed of Hertz, your refueling option is your choice.

One Time
Delivery directly to your doorstep (home, hotel, etc.) One Time


Special Events in Philippines

Is there a special event in your future that requires many car rentals? Weddings, family or class reunions and corporate functions which take careful planning? Hertz is here to help.
When you offer a Hertz rental car option along with your invitations and travel directions, your guests will get the benefit of Hertz rates and services.
Your guests can take advantage of Special Rates that include unlimited mileage. When reservations are booked, quoted rates will be compared to available published rates so your guests get the best price. For extended travel special rates are valid two weeks before and after your event. All travel programs include daily, weekend, and weekly rentals.
With Hertz, every event is a special event and your guests deserve the same superior standard of service that Hertz provides to all of its customers.

· Enjoy Hertz competitive rates.
· A dedicated reservation number and email given to you and your guests.
· Hertz staff assigned to your special event to answer your questions and help with any last-minute changes.


Reservation Hotline: 632-8396 7551 and Mobile: 632-0925 486 9713

Reservation Email:

Reservation Hours: 7am to 11pm from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Weekends.