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Have you always wanted to make a difference? Or perhaps you’ve been eager to do outreach programs, be part of an organization who doesn’t expect anything in return? If you’re fond of traveling and have the interest to engage in a community-centric advocacy, then you’d be happy to hear MAD Travel’s story.

What MAD Travel Stands For

MAD Travel is a social enterprise that collaborates with marginalized communities in the Philippines to produce fun, authentic and meaningful travel experiences through sustainable social tourism. This group works closely with Gawad Kalinga and other marginalized communities to make you gain not only memorable travel moments but a lifetime’s worth of experiences. Launched in 2015, MAD Travel has catered to more than 500 travelers, investing 30 percent of its income in 15-year community development strategy for its partner communities.

By building a long-term trust with the local community and investing in a way which reflects the culture of the place and needs of the community.

Through MAD, as a traveler, you will be able to meet the locals and make a difference in the communities they belong to.

They currently architected three (3) tours.:

  1. Tribes & Trek Zambales
  2. Tribe & Trek Aurora
  3. Sustainability and Hope Farm Tour



Surf, trek, and meet the Yangil tribe in Zambales

One of the nine aboriginal tribes in Zambales, the Yangil has its village at the foot of a mountain, reachable by trekking through an expansive lahar valley and flanked by mountains.

Go on a trek that gives you a glimpse of their everyday life, help reforest their land, and celebrate cultural diversity through food, music, and stories

Meet the Community

The community is generally shy but will welcome you with friendly smiles.

You will spend a day with the tribe to get to know them. Aeta kids will definitely amaze you on how optimistic and happy they are despite the lack of toys, and often times basic needs. They remain genuine and helpful to their guest.

Aside from immersing yourself with the community, you will also be able to dine at their in-house restaurant. Help plant trees to their forest.

Aetas are known on how good they are in archery as it is their main mode of hunting. They will spend a few hours showing you how they practice this craft.

All of life’s great experiences are shared amongst people and MAD Travel is all about involving and creating experiences through people.

Travel Differently

As travelers become more and more aware of the social and environmental impact of their travels, many are starting to look for ways to give back to the communities they visit. Social enterprises like MAD Travel in travel and tourism offer a great opportunity to ensure your travel has broader social value.

Whether you’re looking for an authentic adventure, an only one of its kind experience, or a chance to volunteer, this tour will give you that experience that you’d most likely remember for the rest of your life.

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