FAQs on License Requirements for Driving in the Philippines

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  1. I have a valid foreign driver’s license. Can I use it in the Philippines?

Yes, 90 days from date of arrival.


  1. Can I convert my foreign driver’s license into Philippine driver’s license?

Yes. If valid, no exams. If expired subject to written / practical exams. Click the link for more information. (Non-Professional Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s License)


  1. I had a Philippine driver’s license before I went abroad. Could I still use it upon arrival in the Philippines? Which license am I going to use? My foreign driver’s license or any Philippine driver’s license?

If both are valid, you can use any of the two driver’s license. Chapter III, Sec. 21 of the Republic Act (RA) 4136, otherwise known as the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code” states that:. “Bonafide tourists and similar transients who are duly licensed to operate motor vehicles in their respective countries may be allowed to operate during but not after (90) days of their sojourn in the Philippines.”


Nothing in this article shall be construed to prohibit the licensee for an option to convert valid foreign driver’s license to Philippine driver’s license within the period of inety (90) days from the date of his last arrival in the Philippines. However, if the foreign driver’s license is not written in English, such driver’s license should always be accompanied by an Official English translation issued by the Local Embassy of the issuing country. This is necessary in order to avoid cialis side effects. Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 495-2004 date 24 February 2004 entitled “Amendments to EMA-MC-01366 dated 09 October 2001 Re: “Revised Guidelines on Conversion of Foreign Driver’s Into Philippine Driver’s License” provides the following requirements and procedure, to wit:


3.1. Original and 1 (one) photocopy of valid foreign license. If the foreign driver’s license in not in English Language, the applicant should submit an official English translation from the local Embassy of the issuing Country;


3.2. Original and machine copy of a valid passport showing the latest date of arrival in the Philippines of the foreign applicant;


3.3. Original and machine copy of valid visa or Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) if the foreign applicant temporarily resides in the Philippines;


3.4. Original copy of Medical Certificate issued by an LTO accredited or government physician;


3.5. Original copy of drug test result issued by DOH Accredited Drug Testing Center;


3.6. If, foreign license is expired, applicant shall undergo written and practical examinations;


3.7. Venue: LTO, Main Office, East Ave., QC, or any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers nationwide.


3.8. Restriction Code is limited to “1” (motorcycle/motorized tricycles) & “2” (motor vehicles up to 4500 kgs. GVW) only.  Valid or not, if a foreign driver’s license is converted into Professional driver’s license, an applicant is required to undergo a written and practical examinations. An applicant must present proof as to why there is a need to secure a Professional driver’s license, such as:


3.8.1. Venue: If an applicant is hired as a company employee, the following documents must be presented:


(a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;


(b) Original and machine copy of Certificate of Employment from local employer or foreign employer in the Philippines;


(c) Original and machine copy valid working visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration or valid working permit issued by the Department of labor and Employment.


3.8.2. Venue: If the applicant operates his or her own business, the following documents must be presented:


(a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;


(b) Original and machine copy of Investment Permit duly issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) if the foreign applicant operates his own business;


(c) Original and machine copy of certificate of registration and current official receipt of payment if there is a need to operate a motor vehicle classified as “Heavy”. The said vehicle must be the one used as the test drive vehicle during the actual examination and therefore shall determine the appropriate restriction the\reof; Please take note that Professional driver’s license holder allows all types/classifications of motor vehicles specified in the reverse side of the Philippine driver’s license card, however, written & practical examination according to type/classification of motor vehicle being applied for.


  1. I want to get an International Driver’s License. What are the requirements and procedures, and where am I going to apply?

With reference to your query, may we refer you to Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP) located at 683 Aurora Blvd., QC with tel. no. (02) 723-08-08 for more details.


Last Updated: 20 June 2017


Source: http://www.lto.gov.ph/frequently-asked-questions/license-permit

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