Glamping by Easy Adventure: A Hertz Travel Guide

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It’s an experience many are fond of, as the beauty of the great outdoors is undeniably inspiring. But for many, trekking out into the wilderness can be a bit too rugged for those not used to pitching a tent.

What happens when you want to sleep under the stars, but not in a stuffy sleeping bag? Well them, glamping is the perfect fit for you. Glamping is camping in style. It’s got all of the kinks worked out already, so all you have to do is show up and take pleasure in it.

Why Experience Glamping with Easy Adventure? 


EASY ADVENTURE is an eco-luxe camping resort located in the in the Conservatory at Charlie’s Point, Baler, Aurora – a 5-hour road-trip from Manila.


The campsite is 24 hours serviced eco-luxe resort and during the night time, you can have bonfires while watching the fireflies dance around the plants and trees. Question is what sets What makes them different? Let us tell you the  top 5 Reasons why;


  1. It’s comfortable

Forget the tent which you have to twist your body to creep into, and instead, step into a lofty canvas tent with room to spread out. Camping itself is amazing, but sleeping on the ground, zipping in and out of tents, and less-than-ideal bathrooms can be a bit draining for most people after a while.

Glamping means real beds that you can get some of your best sleep in — especially in the fresh air of the outdoors.

They vastly have more space than tents, giving you and your travel companions room to spread. You’ll be treated with hotel-like hospitality and the creature comforts that help you to unwind and experience at home on holiday.

Accommodation Inclusions like;

  • Comfortable Bed with Pillows and Linen Sheets
  • Fresh Buko Upon Arrival
  • Full Board Meals (Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner)
  • Unlimited Water, Coffee, and Bananas
  • Towels, Foot Bath, Night Lanterns
  • Use of Facilities (Showers, Toilets, Charging Station, Hammocks, Siesta Hub, Balance Center, etc.)
    24/7 Butler Service and Security detail
  • 20% off on Selected Activities (Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak, Dune Buggie and Kombi Van)

2.  Baler as your location

Baler is slowly being known as a tourist destination by choice, not only by beach lovers and surfers but also those tourists who enjoy adventures and the scenery of nature. A place where you can really relax and unwind.


Glamping provides a solid space of serenity to you that hotels can’t. As soon as you walk out of your “room”, you’re immersed in nature. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Easy Adventure operates off-grid by using renewable energy and wind technology. They build facilities on environmentally-sound practices reflected in our collapsible and low-impact construction methods and material choices; addressing the issue of typhoons and other challenges of the site.


3.  It is Ec0-Friendly

Glamping with Easy Travel itself is a low impact green activity. Most vacationing includes brand new, large resort complexes that are costly to build and operate. What’s more, they don’t require the heating and electricity costs of modern construction Compared to Glamping.

As slated in their brand manifesto;
“We will fight to achieve zero impact and take the path of least harm so that future generations can enjoy the glorious sunrises and sunsets and the flickering bright lights from our resident fireflies and the stars above.”


3.  Choose your own adventure!

Guests may their own adventure, assisted by Easy Adventure’s 24-hour service crew:

  • Kayak and Stand-up paddle boarding at the river sanctuary
  • Private surf lessons from the top local surfers, right at the beachfront at Charlie’s Point, where Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now shot the famous scene of “Charlie don’t surf”
  • Hover over land and water with the first Philippine hovercraft tour across the Aguang River to see local wildlife and light river rapids
  • Drive the classic dune buggy to town, the Mother Falls and the 600-year old Balete tree
  • You may visit the beach
  • Weekend Special:  Photography workshops, creative writing workshops
  • Weekend Special:  Photography workshops, creative writing workshop
  • Weekend Special: Stargazing with leading astronomers, Bird-watching with local guides
  • Weekend Special: Yoga and Meditation retreats (Their meditation/yoga area at the resort is called the Balance Center)

Or simple just sit by the deck, feast in the rich local produce from our organic farm and the freshest catch of the day from the local market, and with ice-cold craft beers or the dose of your fresh coconut juice.



5.  Wake up to an amazing sunrise

Who wouldn’t want to be in awe with a sunrise like this?


Hertz Recommended Vehicle

For this trip, we recommend booking our Chevrolet Trailblazer under the Full-Size SUV. The best in class SUV that can handle the great outdoors with its class-leading performance and drivability.


Baler is slowly being known as a tourist destination by choice, not only by beach lovers and surfers but also those tourists who enjoy adventures and the scenery of nature.



A place where you can really relax and unwind. If you are one of the travelers heading hear soon, book now and discover the splendor of Baler.

Go glamping under stars while listening to the crash of every wave inside your tent. Come away with Hertz for your next road trip #JourneyToYourDreams

UPDATE: As of March 31, 2019, Easy Adventure has decided to close its services.


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