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The L-shaped Bantayan Island is composed of three towns namely, Sta. FeBantayan, and Madridejos. While Bantayan and Madridejos are known to be the centers of fishing and commerce in the island, Sta. Fe is the resort town. One of the attractions of this island is its vast expanse of white sand beaches lined with coconut trees and its amazing pure and azure blue sea waters.

Let us show you how to fully experience Bantayan Island in the most fun an, of course, convenient way!

How to Reach Bantayan Island, Cebu.

The Island has its own airfield but no commercial airline has flown to it since 2011. Mactan-Cebu International Airport will be your start-off point. Cebu City will be your gateway. From the Mactan Airport, you may go to our booth which is located at the arrival area of Terminal 2 Airport.

Hertz Recommended Vehicle

For this trip, we recommend booking our Toyota Vios under the Economy Sedan Class.

This sedan line is economical and yet big on cargo space, can sit up to 4 people comfortably, and with strong air-conditioning guaranteed to make your island road trips pretty awesome.

You can certainly and comfortably travel to Hagnaya Port when getting to Bantayan Island with your private vehicle. You will cross the sea via Roro Ferry (roll on, roll off) for various rates depending on the size of your vehicle. For a complete list of price, you may refer to this site’s link:

Driving Directions

  • From Mactan, Cebu set your GPS driving map to Hagnaya Port. Travel time is roughly around 3-3 1/2 hours on average.
  • Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe take the Roro Ferry as you will need to cross the sea to get to Bantayan. Travel time is about an hour or so.

Hertz Recommended Accommodation

Where to Go


Kota Park

Kota park is a historical site built by the Spaniards to serve a watch tower and military camp. The strategic northmost part of the island serves as a protection to pirates at that time. It was turned into a park that now houses historical relics

Ogtong Cave Resort

The extension of Santa Fe Beach Resort is famous for its freshwater underground cave. The resorts itself is situated on natural limestone rocks. Tak a few meters walk and head down to the beach where you can watch Bantayan’s best sunrise. You can visit the Ogtong Cave for just 100php (non-resort guest)



Virgin Island

A 20-minute boat ride from Bantayan will take you to an ideal laidback beach vacation is to just put your feet up and relax by the shores, you’ll definitely fall in love with this white sand beach island. Pay an entrance fee and you’ll have complete access to its ultra azure blue waters and soft white powdery sand.

Kota Beach Resort

This site was made mainstream famous by a local heartbreak-themed movie a few years back. Walk along the paved pathway and you will be lead to the breathtaking powdery white sandbar and turquoise clear waters.


Kota Beach Resort

Another must-see on Bantayan Island is Paradise Beach. Guests may either go on a day tour or may pitch up their tents at the designated campsite. Paradise Beach is a secluded strip of sand located in Santa Fe. This paradise boasts of fine white sand and crystal clear waters.


Where to Eat

like the laid-back lifestyle on the island. Well, all islands are pretty laid back, but what sets Bantayan apart is that commerce is pretty strong. If you go around its municipality you can see various shops, micro public markets, and restaurants. Considered as Cebu’s fishing ground from where boatloads of fish – guinamos (salted fish) and buwad (dried fish).

You will find plenty of scrumptious options for restaurants and bars in Bantayan Island.  The place itself is a myriad of various nationalities from abroad who fell in love with this place and decided to call the island their home and with this, they brought with them dishes from their countries and have put up humble joints to share to everyone.


Giordano’s Bakeshop

  • Location: Talisay, Santa Fe, Cebu
  • Specialty: French BoulangerieKick off your trip with an authentic French breakfast experience at Giordano’s Bakeshop.  Giordano’s Bakeshop is owned by a French baker who moved to Bantayan Island years ago. His bread selection is freshly baked daily.

Hellas Taverna

  • Location: MJ Square, Santa Fe, Cebu
  • Specialty: Greek/Mediterranean
  • Open daily from 9am-10pm

Bantayan Burrito Company

  • Location: MJ Square, Santa Fe, Cebu
  • Specialty: Tex-Mex
  • Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday from 10am-11pm


Have your Tex-Mex fill of hefty tacos and house-famous burittos. Feast on their dynamic menu selection and share your island stories with its friendly owners.

HR Music Bar and Native Restaurant

  • Location: Poblacion, Santa Fe, Cebu
  • Serves international dishes
  • Open 24 hours daily

Armed with a variety of international dishes, Filipino food stands tall here- especially their seafood options. The downright addictive cheesy scallops, sizzling squid, crabs, and so much more. Best of all, their serving is large enough for 3-4 people at a very affordable price.

Bantayan has a pretty strong restaurant scene as well. Here are a few recommendations for you;

  • Caffe Del Mare
  • Shake Me
  • Ale Pasta
  • Bavarian Beer Garden



The island is kind. It’s turquoise blue water, the curtain of silk sky perfectly casting shadows as it sways you to your perfect naps during the afternoons. The water is always calm with gentle waves rolling onto the shore making soothing sounds. You can smell the salt, and the gentle wind kisses your skin as you affirm to yourself that you are actually having a perfect day. Peaceful and you are centered.

Go for that much-awaited beach holiday and experience this place yourself and let Hertz take you to your next destination! #HertzPH #JourneyToYourDreams


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