Hertz Cebu Travel Guide Series: South of Cebu

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The island of Cebu is besieged by tons of natural spots that are just too beautiful to pay no attention to. The southern half, for example, is home with compelling rock formations, immaculate white sand beaches, charming natural springs, and some of the best-looking waterfalls in the country. Spend your weekend in the south of Cebu and go on a road trip to the south.


How to Reach South of  Cebu

The Island has its own airfield but no commercial airline has flown to it since 2011. Mactan-Cebu International Airport will be your start-off point. Cebu City will be your gateway. From the Mactan Airport, you may go to our booth which is located at the arrivals area of the Terminal 1 Airport.

Hertz Recommended Vehicle

For this trip, we recommend booking our Toyota Vios under the Economy Sedan Class.

Spending your weekend in Cebu? Why not go on a road trip to the south and journey through

the thrilling sites of South Cebu.

Check our travel guide to know more.

Driving Directions

Southern Cebu has two routes: via Oslob and via Barili. via Oslob passes through Dalaguete and Oslob and via Barili passes through Badian.

  • Get ready for your 4-hour road trip to South Cebu. Leave the city at around 2 am to catch the beautiful coastal sunrise along the way to your first destination: Oslob City.

Hertz Recommended Place to Stay

You may opt to check out Jaynet Oceanview Resort located in Boljoon, Cebu about 20 minutes away from Oslob. The resort is located right by the water which affords its guests an unparalleled view of the ocean.

Their rooms are fit with 2 queen sized beds that can comfortably accommodate a group of friends or a family of 4

Hertz Travel Tip: This spot has the best view of the sunrise and the sunset. Make the most out of it during your stay.

What to DO


An hour away or so from the city, it has beautiful centuries-old trees that canopied the highway. You might want to have a quick stop in Perrelos, Carcar to check the trees out. This is before the rotunda that separates the two routes to southern Cebu.

This is where to get the best lechon as vouched by true Cebuanos, so you might want to have a quick stop here for some serious binge-eating and yes, chicharon in all its glory.

Swim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob

Hertz Travel Tip: If you opt to do the Whale Shark Watching activity, make sure to get to the orientation area as early as 5 am to secure your spot in the line-up as it fills up quickly

especially on weekends. Do know that there are days where there are no whale shark sightings so best to do your research ahead of time.

Before your swim with these majestic creatures, you will be oriented on the do’s and don’ts of the activity. Make sure that you follow the instructions strictly in order to preserve the state of these whale sharks.

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island.

Hertz Travel Tip: If you want a more private and relaxing vacation in South Cebu, you may opt to stay at Bluewater Sumilon Island. It is a secluded resort located on the other side of Sumilon Island.

Go snorkeling at the beautiful marine-rich sites in Sumilon Island. There are numerous locations on the island to do this activity but if you don’t want to go too far off, there is a shallow reef to the left side of the island where you can see the rich marine life in Sumilon.


Tumalog Falls

After your afternoon at Sumilon, go on a side trip to Tumalog Falls located in Barangay Luka, Oslob. Take a short habal habal ride to the drop off point and start your short trek to the falls.




Hertz Fun Fact: The Tumalog Falls is unique because it produces a fine and silky curtain of water cascading down that can be compared to a series of umbrellas hanging by the rock walls. This tourist attraction can get crowded on weekends by both tourists and locals so if you want a bit of privacy, then plan your trip on a weekday.



For your second day in South Cebu, go on a short side trip to Cuartel which is located in Oslob.

Hertz Fun Fact: Cuartel is a Spanish term for “barracks” which is appropriate as this structure was built to be the first line of defense of the Spanish naval forces in Oslob but was left unfinished due to the arrival of the American in 1899.


Badian Canyoneering


After your short side trip to Oslob, drive about 20 minutes to Badian for your canyoneering activity at the famous Kawasan Falls.

Hertz Fun Fact: The Kawasan Falls and the ones adjacent to it make up the Matutinao River System which has been awarded multiple times as the cleanest body of water in the Philippines. The water source can be found rushing out of a small cave at the highest accessible point of Kawasan Falls which is aptly called “The Source.”


After an exhausting day tour to Kawasan Falls, fuel up for your day trip to the next day. The drive to from Boljoon to Moalboal should take about 40 minutes but if you’re coming from Badian, you can get there in about 20 minutes.

Moalboal is famous for its beautiful diving and snorkeling sites. You can hire a pump boat off Panagsama Beach to take you to the 3 tourist spots in Moalboal. You are required to go through a short orientation at the tourism office to brief you of the rules at the island.

The first stop in this short tour is Pescador island, your pump boat will park in the middle of the ocean, off the island, and you will be tasked to jump off and start your snorkeling adventure.

Here you will see the rich marine life of the island. From a wide array of colorful fish to healthy corals, you will definitely enjoy discovering the beauty of what’s underneath the surface.

Your next stop will be where locals often see sightings of sea turtles. Again, your boat will park in the middle of the ocean and you will be asked to snorkel and swim to find one. Be alert though as these creatures move quicker than they look. The marine life in this area is also very healthy and beautiful.

The last and definitely most famous stop in the Moalboal diving/ snorkeling tour is the Sardine Run by Panagsama Beach.

Hertz Fun Fact: The sardines in Moalboal used to be found in Pescador Island but they have since migrated to the shore of Panagsama.


Where To EAT

After your morning swim with the whale sharks, grab brunch at La Terrasse Restaurant.

The restaurant has an extensive menu but we recommend trying their sizzling dishes particularly their squid and shrimp dishes. Perfectly cooked seafood to cap off your stay in South Cebu.

The restaurant also offers a beautiful view of the sunset while you dine, the perfect scene to cap off your stay in South Cebu.


Veranda Kitchen and Bar

Have your ultimate southern Cebu adventure, bring a Hertz reliable vehicle as you encompass all towns and cities.  Be in awe with its beaches, waterfalls, old churches.

Can’t wait for your thrilling trip to South Cebu? Make it a stress-free and enjoyable one by booking a car in advance at hertzphilippines.com. #JourneyToYourDreams

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