Hertz Travel Guide to Cabo De Roca Villas

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Let’s continue the journey to the north and come away with us as we go to Pundaquit, Zambales – Cabo de Roca Beach Front Villas. A beautiful coastal boutique coastal property, set against the perfect green mountains and the sandy shores of Pundaquit beach.

hertz- cabo de roca

This alluring private escape with the best sunset view awaits its visitors

Experience Cabo de Roca

The ultimate way to experience the property is to just enjoy your time lounging around. Most are too caught up with our daily lives in the city and often times we forget to take a good long pause from all the chaos. Its time for you to put up your feet and bask in the sun.

hertz- cabo de roca

If you value privacy and serenity then this property is the perfect spot for the much needed weekend getaway. The atmosphere is pretty serene which will force you to reflect and be one with your thoughts. With design elements of large open spaces, plant, natural use of materials, and that perfect beach right in front of you- it is definitely the perfect way to unwind, contemplate, and forget about time.

hertz- cabo de roca

Pundaquit Beach Shore

Then there’s the long stretch of the sandy beach. The sweet air, the whistle of the warm comforting sea breeze, salt-watered soaked feet parading up the soft shores, the sway of the trees, and listen to the splash of gentle waves is ultimately relaxing.


Cabo de Roca’s interiors are Balinese- inspired where you can see the heavy use of clean base colors and heavy wood fixtures. The natural light that seeps through its window seal is the perfect companion to wake you up every morning.

Casa do Guincho (Whole Villa)

Big windows are used to give full attention to air circulation complimented by a large free space between the roof and wall.

Fresh white linens with high thread counts are used for beddings and their mattresses are too comfortable to a fault that you’d rather be staying inside.


Feel free to bring in your market finds as you can freely use their full functional kitchen.

Casa do Lagos 

Casa do Faro Suites


Casa do Faro Ocean Suite

Casa do Faro Wave Suite

Facilities & Services

  • Air conditioning
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Night Security
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Hot & cold shower
  • Garden
  • Massage (on call only)
  • Car Park
  • Family Room

Driving Directions to Reach Cabo De Roca

  • Get on NLEx/E1/R-8 in Balintawak, Quezon City from C-5, Lanuza Ave and Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4
  • Take Olongapo – Bugallon Rd and San Marcelino – San Antonio – San Narciso Rd to your destination in San Antonio
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Although Metro Manila is lacking in natural scenery due to the increase in infrastructure, traffic, and pollution! We’re blessed to be surrounded by numerous scenic destinations. Zambales is that perfect location to go to for the scenic much-awaited road trip!

A great place where you could enjoy, relax and de-stress. Enjoy and end-to-end ultimate vacation experience with Cabo de Roca.

For an overall hassle-free drive to your Pundaquit, Zambales experience, don’t forget to book your car here#OnOurWayTogether.

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Cabo De Roca Beach Villa

  • Website 
  • Facebook
  • Contact Person:
    Ms. Pam – 0917 689 6000

    Hertz Recommended Vehicle

    For this 5 hour trip, we recommend booking our Ford Eco-Sport under the Mid-size Size SUV Class. It’s sturdy, dependable, comfortable, and not to mention easy to drive.

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