Hertz Travel Guide to Pannzian Beach (Ilocos)

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Pannzian’s food is created with love and happiness. A taste of the food makes the senses relax. It is a therapeutic session to soul. Everyone is invited to savor the expression of hospitality. Pannzian Beach is the hidden gem of the north. Where the people take pride in their prized processions which are nature’s gift and their community. The 10-hour drive to this place is definitely long, but the reward if serenity and calming wind breeze is something to look forward to.


The immensity of the shore gives you a sense of stillness with a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea.

Having the mountains as your background you can spend a day trekking its path, jumping off nearby waterfalls, and swim its pristine surrounding clean rivers.

The town is quiet and sleepy. A perfect place where you can calm your thoughts.


Mindful Advocacy 

Pannzian Beach advocates slow tourism and farm-to-table dining. They grow almost all of their vegetables that they serve in-house comes from their own huge farm. From greens, grains, edible flowers, and herbs. They grow their own poultry products as well.


They are pretty much active in providing upskilling to their staff. Livelihood production like jam making, extracting lemongrass, etc. All proceeds from products sales go directly into a cooperative fund.


Co-existing with other communities 

They also help neighboring communities, one of which is Adams, which is a 30 min drive away from Adams. They produce wines (Bugnay),  coffee, ginger and turmeric tea, and tablea in Adams which Pannzian resells to its guests or features through their food.

Bugnay, by the way, is the Ilocano name of the berry-bearing tree that is widely known as bignay in other parts of the country. Its botanic name is Antidesma bunius.



Soft beds, a private bathroom, and a hot shower. That’s it. In essence of promoting a clean, stress-free, and healthy lifestyle. All rooms don’t have television sets or anything that is distracting as seen in other resorts. The time is slower and more relaxed.


  • Duplex (starts at 7,000php)-  The duplex rooms each have a second floor and a shared balcony overlooking the beach and camp grounds. Each floor have airconditioning-units, providing ample cooling during the warm season. These rooms are ideal for families and groups.
  • Cottages (starts at 4,000php)– Located just a few feet away from the camp grounds, the Cottage A features two double beds and a small private balcony. The room also features a view to the beach area.

Click here to get their room rates.

A Gastronomic Fare

Food is always a sensory experience. Sight, beaming smell, and its taste. A well-prepared meal provokes feelings as well and is definitely part of the overall experience during any vacation.

The “Farm-to-table” concept– is truly manifested in their food ethos. Beautiful and colorful produce is crafted carefully from Pannzian Beach’s kitchen.



A solid food spread that serves as an expression of their hospitality.

What To Do

As we mentioned they promote slow tourism and by that it means taking a pause from your chaotic lifestyle and enjoy curated activities designed to maximize your experience.

  • Fishing with the community
  • Arts & Craft
  • Bird Walk
  • A trip to Pannzian Spring
  • Bonfire Activities
  • Swing by the Hammocks

Driving Directions to Pannzian Beach

  • Get on Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4 in Makati from 8th Avenue and R-4
  • Take NLEx/E1/R-8N Luzon W Expy and MacArthur Hwy/Manila N Rd to Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26 in Pagudpud
  • Continue onto Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union Expy
  • Turn left onto Gen. Segundo Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26

Hertz Recommended Vehicle

For this 10 hour trip, we recommend booking our Toyota Fortuner under the Full Size SUV Class. Its sturdy, dependable, and not to mention easy to drive.

Why Go?

Imagine the smell of salt and soft coconut oil, waves crashing gently on the shores, sands in between your toes, wind kissing your skin gently telling you that time stand still in a place like this. Time passes crescently taking you thru your whole day.



We guarantee you that when you return back to your automated life in the city you’ll pause everyday and think about this place over and over again. Daydream for weeks that you’d rather be spending lazy Tuesday afternoons disconnected with the outside city life. For an overall hassle-free drive to your  Ilocos experience, don’t forget to book your car here. #JourneyToYourDreams

Pannizian Beach

  • Website 
  • Contact # (0920) 952 0662
  • Location: Brgy. Pancian,Ilocos Norte,Pagudpud

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