Hertz Travel Guide to Sambali Beach Farm (Botolan, Zambales)

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Drive away with us as we take you to Botolan Zambales’ best-kept secret, the Sambali Beach Farm. This gem is an organic farm that promotes sustainable farming, agritourism, and community enterprise engagement. Sambali’s overall vision;

“To be a place of healing, an inspiration to be a place of healing, inspiration, and clean and  sustainable living.”

A bird’s eye view of Sambali

Sambali’s mission is to grow organic produce and livestock using natural techniques and technologies, be able to provide a refreshing getaway for its guests whilst educating them on sustainable farming, and for them to become a partner for their farmers and employees’ livelihood.

Founded in 2000 by Ching Camara, the farm is an organic, sustainable beach farm that produces various vegetables and livestock. The property spans eight (8) hectares and is set in the local fishing village of Danacbunga in Botolan, Zambales. The farm began as a petite garden for the beach house, edible growing plants and fruit-bearing trees that were useful for the Camara family’s consumption.


Beach Farm VS. “Normal” Farm

There are a number of variables which makes beach farming conducive for sustainable farming. The basic composition of the land doesn’t attract pest compared to the normal soil bed. Sambali uses biochar or carbonized biomass, which is an agricultural waste made into charcoal. It traps carbon and other greenhouse gases in the soil, microbes that plants use to take in nutrients, and for repelling heat and cooling down the beach sand.

Experiencing Sambali’s Farm

Beach Farming


One of the main benefits of having the farm by the beach is that there are fewer pests, which allows it to do away with harmful pesticides. The farm is all-organic and is maintained with natural technologies such as vermicompost, biochar, and bokashi balls to aid in the process of growing the produce. Although slower than what is considered traditional farming, the result is worth the wait in products that grow in the way nature intended the plants to be.


Livestock Farming

All livestock from the farm is naturally raised, which means the chickens and pigs are fed with natural food and other supplements. Wood vinegar products are also applied to the livestock to ensure that their pens are clean and without any pest.

Odorless pigpen

Bokashi Balls

Getting rid of waste is one of a home’s perennial problems. Food waste is one prominent and unavoidable problem, but it can be addressed in an effective manner with the use of Bokashi. Bokashi compost is created from kitchen waste, which includes dairy and meats scraps. These Bokashi outputs are used to clear out domestic waterways near the farm. Developed by Dr. Teuro Higa, a professor at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan in the early 80’s.

Training & Tours

Sambali offers hands-on training programs for Biochar production, Bokashi feeds, Bokashi balls, organic livestock farming, and organic crop production.



  • Orientation: P500 per person (3 hours, inclusive of one simple meal)
  • Intensive training options: P7,000 per person which includes 3 days of accommodation and full board meals.

The Sambali House (Accommodation)

The house is made of sawali (woven bamboo mats) and old wood from Ching’s husband’s ancestral home nearby. The house is spacious and filled with light, and its design and materials allow for the cool sea breeze to weave through the walls.


Facing the West Philippine Sea, the house is only a few steps away from the beach. The property also features a dining area close to the shore, along with a gazebo that also offers beds for guests who wish to sleep closer to the breeze.


Despite its beach setting, the farm is not positioned as your typical swimming resort, rather it is a natural, a solace place for refuge away where you’d be able to experience peace of mind, an organic place where you as a guest can learn about how everything interconnects; the plants, role of us humans, the cause & effect of our consumptions, get educated on sustainable farming and options. Of course, you can always enjoy the beach and its surroundings.


Organic Gastronomic Fare

Food is always a sensory experience. Sight, beaming smell, and its taste. A well-prepared meal provokes feelings as well and is definitely part of the overall experience during any vacation. Sambali provides its guest with meals from their farm and prepared in their in-house kitchen.

A good mixture of greens, meat, seafood, poultry, and native desserts. Guests will be served a total of three meals and two snacks for an overnight stay.

Price Point: There is a mandatory food fee of 1,500php for three meals and two snacks served buffet style.

Book Your Stay at 10% off with Hertz

Tip: Book through Hertz and you can claim a 10% discount* off on Sambali Airbnb published rates until the end of May 2019.

  • You can check availability and book directly through the Airbnb website or app: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/61740.
  • Max of 25 people can stay in the house.
  • The Sambali beach farmhouse has three rooms. Two rooms with three bunk beds each which can sleep 6 – 9 people.
*For every booking, Hertz customer will receive a unique code which you may use when you request to book through Sambali’s Airbnb page. Redemption is a first come, first served basis and upon the availability of the BNB. Only until May 31.

Driving Directions to Reach Sambali Beach Farm

  • Get on NLEx/E1/R-8 in Balintawak, Quezon City from C-5, Lanuza Ave and Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4
  • Follow NLEx/E1/R-8 and N Luzon W Expy to Rizal Hwy in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Take the exit toward Olongapo City from N Luzon W Expy
  • Follow Olongapo – Bugallon Rd to your destination in Botolan
***Get the most out of your driving with our Comprehensive Driving Guide.

Hertz Recommended Vehicle

For this 5 hour trip, we recommend booking our Suzuki Vitara under the Mid-size Size SUV Class. It’s sturdy, dependable, comfortable, and not to mention easy to drive.

Why Go?

Learn about a new way all-organic beach farming, its technology, and how we can adapt to it. Mindful and conscious tourism will thrive if we as consumers will support it.

The five-hour drive from Manila is definitely worth it, with the promise of lush greenery that is definitely calming and good for the pollution-exposed city dwellers like most of us.

For an overall hassle-free drive to your  Botolan, Zambales experience, don’t forget to book your car here#OnOurWayTogether.

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Sambali Beach Farm


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